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Bulk Rubbish Removal

What is Bulk Rubbish Removal?

bulk rubbish removal

Clean Green Services can remove bulk rubbish quickly and efficiently

While many people will take all their belongings with them at the end of a tenancy it’s not always the case and our Bulk Rubbish Removal service is designed for just those occasions.

Whether your previous tenants would have been suitable candidates for “The Life of Grime” and hoarded anything from food to newspapers, or tenants have simply left a load of rubbish behind, our specialist teams will go in and remove everything.

What does Bulk Rubbish Removal include?

bullk rubbish removal

Bulk Rubbish Clearance job in progress

Our Bulk Rubbish Removal service includes the removal and disposal of everything you want taken out of the property. That could include general household waste, furniture and almost anything else.

Our specialist teams are also highly trained in the collection and disposal of various hazardous items including sharps such as used needles. Working with the national charity Addaction, we provide our staff with the necessary equipment and training to ensure this is done in the safest way possible.

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If you’re clearing out a property in this way you might want to combine the Bulk Rubbish Removal with our Deep Clean service.

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