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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

environmentally friendly commercial cleaning productsAs you will have guessed from the name, we like to “Clean Green” and that applies to how we run the business as well as the products we use.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Wherever and whenever possible we use Environmentally Friendly products, specifically from the Jangro Enviro range.

Our Fleet - Clean Green Commercial Cleaning

Environmentally friendly business practices

While we know that using environmentally friendly products is great, we also know it’s not the only way our business impacts on the environment. Here are just some of the ways we run our business to ensure we’re as Green as we are Clean!

Reducing fuel emissions:

  • For our mobile staff, we encourage the use of public transport wherever possible.
  • We track our own vans and look at all possible routes to reduce travel distance.
  • Where possible, meetings are held via video or phone conference to avoid unnecessary travel.

Being energy efficient:

  • We always use energy saving bulbs for both our premises and our clients.
  • We don’t leave things running when we’re not using them e.g. no vacuums left on or taps left running unnecessarily.

Reducing Waste:

  • We aim to recycle all our office waste from paper and ink cartridges to any leftover food.
  • Wherever possible we use recycled office supplies such as envelopes and stationary.
  • We also do our best to recycle the waste that results from our Void Cleaning and Bulk Rubbish Removals, often shipping usable appliances over to Ghana where they can be put to good use or used for parts.

Helping London and the Home Counties to “Clean Green” since 1989